Attention Members is currently being redesigned. I have been listening to your feedback and now that and are closing down in December, I believe it is a good time to make some changes!

What to expect

I am no longer able to offer FREE SERVICES at the As a result, I am closing down the club for the remainder of 2016 and will be focusing on the

If you are a paid subscriber to, you will continue to earn automatic daily Satoshi from your subscriptions as long as your subscriptions are active, however, I advise that you cancel them so that they do not continue to recur.

I will no longer be offering new subscriptions.

I have written a guide at that explains what I am doing at the to earn Bitcoin for our members. So far, CMC has 9 sources of income and I am building up lasting income that is automatically contributed to help those who are in real need. Please consider getting involved. There is plenty of money to be made. shows you some of my ideas and I believe that many of you will help others in turn.

Thank you!